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Upp & hoppa


The Brief

Upp & hoppa is a company with a goal in sight, to help the individual achieve a healthier lifestyle through exercise and diet. Upp & hoppa is a mindset, its a commitment to pursue your goals. Marcelin Mawana who is the founder of Upp & hoppa offers personal training, group training and dietary advice. We helped Marcelin design and develop his website and produce his brand new logo. His new website will reflect his dedication and expertise in training that will attract more clients.




    Malmö, Sweden


    Web Design, Web development, Logo Design, Photography


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The Challenge

After our meeting with Marcelin, we found out, among other things, that he has a very broad target group between 25-60 year old clients. We chose to keep the website as minimalist and informative as possible so that all users can easily navigate it and book a consultation. We did this by including an infographic at the top of the page and having the contact form as the website’s footer to be visualized on all pages to easily simplify the booking of a consultation.
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